Auburn is the golden heart of Placer County. Famous for its rich history at the start of the Gold Rush, Auburn still retains the same thrill of life while clinging to a small town lifestyle. I was born and raised in Auburn same as my family generations before me. It is the best place to grow up, raise a family, and to grow old.  No matter what stage in life you’re at, Auburn has something to offer which is why I am still a current resident. Auburn is home to some of Placer County’s most notorious events including many festivals and fairs. More widely know events that take place in Auburn are the globally followed cycling races, the various Western States runs and rides and the Tevis Cup. I lived extremely close to Placer High School for a while and would go watch the participants finishing the Western States Run into the long hours of the night.

As does every thriving community, Auburn continues to grow and become home to almost 14,000 people. The main roads and highways have been updated from their original horse and buggy traffic to allow for its ever-growing community. My preferred method of travel and one of my favorite features about Auburn is the back road system. This is an alternative to the mainstream traffic route in which there is always a back road to get anywhere in town you need to be. When driving the scenic route of town rather than the main roads you will experience the true beauty of Placer County. Strings of wineries, farms and historical sites give a glimpse of both the past and future of Auburn. The opportunity that Auburn offers brings people from afar to make it their home. The ongoing development of Auburn benefits the housing market, jobs and most importantly, Auburn’s families.

The people of Auburn are prestigious, prolific, and some of my favorite kind of folks. The local businesses are established and run on honest practice with good old fashion service of which I would recommend to anyone. Many of which have been open for decades passed down through the generations, like Ralph’s Jewelers. The smaller locally owned and operated stores are filled with the friendliest people doing their due diligence to serve the community, from the local artists that have created a movement to open up the arts for all, to the restaurant owners who express themselves through atmosphere and entertainment. Favorites of mine include Old Town Pizza and Cafe Delicious. Auburn is home to the  finest folks and friends.

Traveling trough Auburn is much like traveling through time. The buildings, streets, and neighborhoods reflect the time in which they were built. From early colonial sites to the most modern architecture, Auburn has something from every era appealing to anyone. Driving throughout each neighborhood you can choose a home as old as the mid twenties, to the latest 2000’s and every decade in between. Auburn is where Gold in the Golden State of California comes from. This town brought my family here with the infamous Gold Rush and generations later we continue to reside here today. Rarely do you see such an enduring town that hosts history in every corner with such opportunity in its future just a back-road away.

Come see the best of Placer County and all that Auburn has to offer.

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