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Open Houses in Placer and Nevada County

Open Houses in Placer and Nevada County

Open Houses

Open House in Placer and Nevada County

At the commencement of summertime we find ourselves incredibly busy on the weekends. Between graduations, BBQ’s, vacations and in town in laws it’s surprising it’s called summer break at all. With everyone’s plates so full Realtors find themselves asking, it’s it a good weekend for an open house? As a Realtor you are generally are your own boss meaning on open house days you cover everthing. We plan ahead to make flyers full of information of the house we will be showcasing. We also take time to create a secondary list of others open houses in the area or other houses that are currently on the market. These are put together so we are prepared for you, the public buyer to have as much relative info as possible to benefit you. We put adds in the paper and online to give everyone a heads up that we will be at a specific property on this day and time. Much preparation goes into hosting an open house but how do you know anyone will stop by?

Day of the open house as any good Realtor knows you should provide a snack of some sort or another. Anything will do but if you feed them they will come. Next we are responsible for setting up our signage so you can find us. We arrive early to the house to make sure the lights are on, blinds are up and the entry way is swept. We verify the house is in good viewing condition then we set up all the remaining goodies we brought for you. We are now at least a few full day’s work just in preparations to do what we came here for. Wait for you! A buyer looking desperately for a knowledgable Realtor who has prepared themselves to meet you on this day. But will you come?

There are many excuses for a Realtor not to work hard for themselves and to put the time into an open house. It’s raining I don’t want to put up my signs in the mud, it’s graduation everyone is busy no one will show up. I think busy summertime is the best time to host and to visit an open house. More relatives are in town for exciting end of school year events, more family is brought to the area to celebrate. In these times is when grandma decides to live closer to family and decides to visit an open. Aunties decide to being cousins together and get into a house before school starts, she too visits an open. However busy our lives are it’s always a good time to host or visit an open house. Who knows, this weekend may be the one you find your dream house, and the trusty Realtor whose going to get you there! If you see our signs, be sure to stop in for a snack!!