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Selling your house? Price it right!

Selling your house? Price it right!

Selling your house in Placer or Nevada County?

Do you know how to price it right?

There are many stages to prepping your house in order to put it on the market but none are more important than pricing. This is the most crucial step in selling your property and you need to know the best strategy to use in your current market. Whether you have time on your side, looking to make a profitable move, or are unfortunately underwater and are just trying to make it out alive the right price will get you where you need to go.

There are many strategies to go about in listing your house. You can start high, slightly over priced to hopefully snag a top dollar buyer. If the house doesn’t sell right away you can always lower the price over time. This can result in not only getting low offers but also could sell for lower than your bottom line now that buyers have seen that you are willing to drop the price. You can always go lower but never the other way around right? Not always the case. Pricing your home closest to what it’s worth could be beneficial for many reasons. For one, your house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Two, if it’s an on target list price, competitive in your local market you could very well attract multiple buyers with similar yet varying price ranges. This could create the sellers dream of a multiple offer situation, more or less a bidding war. Now the price of your house has been bumped up above list price and likely to sell at an increased price.

There is a set pattern in which buyers view homes and the traffic over time that your house will see, which is why pricing is so crucial. Within the first two weeks of your house being active on the market is when the most traffic will view your house. If you’ve decided to start high you might not get any initial calls, and a qualified buyer may over look the property when the price has been lowered because they’ve already checked off your property as not suitable for them. If your priced too low you could be bombarded with offers non of which are suitable to you the seller. Finding the happy medium, the most aggressive price for your house in your local market can be difficult but none the less important. To find out what your house is worth and to get a brief overview of what’s happening in your local Real Estate market call The SIERRA Lifestlye Team. Experts in your local housing market looking to help you make your best move!