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It’s getting HOT in the neighborhood!!

It’s getting HOT in the neighborhood!…and we’re not talking about the weather!

The Real Estate Market is lighting up locally!

There is an extreme buzz happening throughout our local area in  our neighborhoods. From the Alta Sierra community in Grass Valley Nevada County to the new north Auburn devlopements in Placer County there is a need for inventory. Witnessing the real estate market first hand from hosting open houses and chit chatting with friends more than half of everyone I know and meet are needing a home to purchase. As properties come up for sale there is a mass interest even before it hits the market. Then very shortly of going live on the market the property has gone pending with a handful of qualified motivated buyers still searching.

If you have recently been on the fence about listing your house let me shine a little light on what my Real Estate team is experiencing and seeing first hand. Many sellers are hesitant or reluctant to put their house on the market for various reasons, most of which can be resolved. There may be a large and expensive repair or upgrade that is daunting and could hinder the sale of their house. Pricing the house slightly below market value or have a credit value set can easily attract buyers and also let them know that you are willing to get the ball rolling and get the house sold.

We are  working with many buyers looking to get into Placer County and Nevada County and when the properties are pending rather quickly, many are still left searching. Qualified and ready to buy, many eager to settle in before the summers end. If you’ve had thoughts or reservations about selling, call us today! All transactions are circumstancial as all of our lives are different in their own way. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to serve you.