Where Have All the Locals Gone?

Where Have All the Locals Gone?

Where have all the locals gone?

Summertime travelers have left local business in a lull.

This has been a summer much different than what we have seen in the last couple of years. Due to the drought conditions the last few summers have seen a hiatus in waterway usage. The low lakes and rivers have made it less than ideal to pack up the kids and hang by the water for the day. As this has hampered our local lifestyle the businesses in town have had a nice boost in business. People have been hanging around and taking advantage of all that is going on in town. From fine dining to window shopping there is much to see and do.

This summer has presented quite a change for the community. As the winter rains proved to be prolific outdoor activities have made their resurgence. Between the high flowing rivers and the lakes leveling the locals have hit the water. As the weekend rolls around people are grabbing sandwiches and ice chests and are on their way out to the water. For a few years we have been deprived of our favorite summer time traditions and have had to find fun elsewhere. Now that we have been blessed with rains we taking advantage of all the waterway activities. Although this brings joy and happiness to many, the local business are taking the hit. The boost in business over the last few summers have left local business accustomed to larger crowd. With everyone out on the water this year the lull is real.

As back to school has already hit for some and others it’s right around the corner the locals have returned. Back to the weekly routines of school, work, grocery shopping and finally back out to the restaurants and business that sustain our daily life. It has been a great summer and we’re all happy to see the locals back in town!

Summertime Events in Auburn

Summertime Events in Auburn

Summertime events in Placer County

Before summer officially comes to an end here are somethings you can still catch!

Wow what an amazing summer! So many exciting activities in town to catch. Between the out door movies, the Auburn Rodeo and the Fourth of July parade there is so much stuff to do. Auburn and surrounding areas of Placer County are notorious for their family filled events. For a fun time for the whole family at a low cost or free altogether check out what’s happening here in town. These events attract people from afar to come experience the charm of Auburn and all the festivities that Placer County hosts. For a full list of events visit www.visitauburnca.com/events-schedule/category/events/

 With many locals leaving town on vacation early on in summer there are plenty of activities to catch before the kiddos head back to school. Most vacations have come to pass and now your looking for some local fun. The back to school list have been sent out, tryouts are underway, and classes are schedule. There is still time to get out there and grab some fun. For the weekdays to keep the kids busy while your at work there are many options set in place. The arts center hosts kids painting classes and various crafting projects. The movie theater has many kid friendly shows discounted for the matinee show. The pool at the Auburn Recreation District is open for kids to come cool down also.
Fun for the whole family. Before school hours, sports practices and PTA meetings kick our family fun time, get out there and spend some quality time. Some great options for some fun are Fast Fridays at the Fairgrounds in Auburn. They have had some big name riders competing in the local stadium. Cruise night is also a great night out check out the old cars and have some good old fashioned fun! There are still many events coming up such as the Auburn Fair, Auburn Museum tours, and art walks. Closer to the end of summer is the Home Show and as we come up on harvest time many food festivals will make their way through town. All the Auburn events are exciting so which ever activities you attend you are assured to have a great time!


It’s getting HOT in the neighborhood!!

It’s getting HOT in the neighborhood!…and we’re not talking about the weather!

The Real Estate Market is lighting up locally!

There is an extreme buzz happening throughout our local area in  our neighborhoods. From the Alta Sierra community in Grass Valley Nevada County to the new north Auburn devlopements in Placer County there is a need for inventory. Witnessing the real estate market first hand from hosting open houses and chit chatting with friends more than half of everyone I know and meet are needing a home to purchase. As properties come up for sale there is a mass interest even before it hits the market. Then very shortly of going live on the market the property has gone pending with a handful of qualified motivated buyers still searching.

If you have recently been on the fence about listing your house let me shine a little light on what my Real Estate team is experiencing and seeing first hand. Many sellers are hesitant or reluctant to put their house on the market for various reasons, most of which can be resolved. There may be a large and expensive repair or upgrade that is daunting and could hinder the sale of their house. Pricing the house slightly below market value or have a credit value set can easily attract buyers and also let them know that you are willing to get the ball rolling and get the house sold.

We are  working with many buyers looking to get into Placer County and Nevada County and when the properties are pending rather quickly, many are still left searching. Qualified and ready to buy, many eager to settle in before the summers end. If you’ve had thoughts or reservations about selling, call us today! All transactions are circumstancial as all of our lives are different in their own way. We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to serve you.

Happy Fourth of JULY!! Hope your 4th was awesome!!

Hope your 4th was awesome!!

Now, back to reality…summer will be over before we know it..

As the 4th of July has come to pass, we are reminded that summer will be over before we know it. Immediately following schools end we celebrated graduations, birthdays, Father’s Day and lastly the big one Independence Day. With many local schools headed back to class earlier than last year many of our buyers are feeling the crunch. They have been out and about and looking for their future forever home, all the while enjoying summers festivites. Now that we have a slight hiatus in holidays, summer camps are coming to an end and the start of school is on a count down, the struggle to find that home is real. If you find yourself in this boat but not working with the SIERRA LIFE STYLE Team, call us to give you hand.

As a part of SIERRA LIFE STYLE Team we are detdicated to devote our serves to you the buyer. We will be aggressively hunting the market for your future home while you do your back to school shopping and BBQ’s. Our buyers are asked to define their wants and needs and their specific criteria of what makes a house a home to them. Then we go to work!! From researching the local market and trends to scoping out all oportunities around the corner. We are here to get you into the home you’ve always wanted, and just in time for the kids to be settled before school.

Open Houses in Placer and Nevada County

Open Houses in Placer and Nevada County

Open Houses

Open House in Placer and Nevada County

At the commencement of summertime we find ourselves incredibly busy on the weekends. Between graduations, BBQ’s, vacations and in town in laws it’s surprising it’s called summer break at all. With everyone’s plates so full Realtors find themselves asking, it’s it a good weekend for an open house? As a Realtor you are generally are your own boss meaning on open house days you cover everthing. We plan ahead to make flyers full of information of the house we will be showcasing. We also take time to create a secondary list of others open houses in the area or other houses that are currently on the market. These are put together so we are prepared for you, the public buyer to have as much relative info as possible to benefit you. We put adds in the paper and online to give everyone a heads up that we will be at a specific property on this day and time. Much preparation goes into hosting an open house but how do you know anyone will stop by?

Day of the open house as any good Realtor knows you should provide a snack of some sort or another. Anything will do but if you feed them they will come. Next we are responsible for setting up our signage so you can find us. We arrive early to the house to make sure the lights are on, blinds are up and the entry way is swept. We verify the house is in good viewing condition then we set up all the remaining goodies we brought for you. We are now at least a few full day’s work just in preparations to do what we came here for. Wait for you! A buyer looking desperately for a knowledgable Realtor who has prepared themselves to meet you on this day. But will you come?

There are many excuses for a Realtor not to work hard for themselves and to put the time into an open house. It’s raining I don’t want to put up my signs in the mud, it’s graduation everyone is busy no one will show up. I think busy summertime is the best time to host and to visit an open house. More relatives are in town for exciting end of school year events, more family is brought to the area to celebrate. In these times is when grandma decides to live closer to family and decides to visit an open. Aunties decide to being cousins together and get into a house before school starts, she too visits an open. However busy our lives are it’s always a good time to host or visit an open house. Who knows, this weekend may be the one you find your dream house, and the trusty Realtor whose going to get you there! If you see our signs, be sure to stop in for a snack!!

Selling your house? Price it right!

Selling your house? Price it right!

Selling your house in Placer or Nevada County?

Do you know how to price it right?

There are many stages to prepping your house in order to put it on the market but none are more important than pricing. This is the most crucial step in selling your property and you need to know the best strategy to use in your current market. Whether you have time on your side, looking to make a profitable move, or are unfortunately underwater and are just trying to make it out alive the right price will get you where you need to go.

There are many strategies to go about in listing your house. You can start high, slightly over priced to hopefully snag a top dollar buyer. If the house doesn’t sell right away you can always lower the price over time. This can result in not only getting low offers but also could sell for lower than your bottom line now that buyers have seen that you are willing to drop the price. You can always go lower but never the other way around right? Not always the case. Pricing your home closest to what it’s worth could be beneficial for many reasons. For one, your house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Two, if it’s an on target list price, competitive in your local market you could very well attract multiple buyers with similar yet varying price ranges. This could create the sellers dream of a multiple offer situation, more or less a bidding war. Now the price of your house has been bumped up above list price and likely to sell at an increased price.

There is a set pattern in which buyers view homes and the traffic over time that your house will see, which is why pricing is so crucial. Within the first two weeks of your house being active on the market is when the most traffic will view your house. If you’ve decided to start high you might not get any initial calls, and a qualified buyer may over look the property when the price has been lowered because they’ve already checked off your property as not suitable for them. If your priced too low you could be bombarded with offers non of which are suitable to you the seller. Finding the happy medium, the most aggressive price for your house in your local market can be difficult but none the less important. To find out what your house is worth and to get a brief overview of what’s happening in your local Real Estate market call The SIERRA Lifestlye Team. Experts in your local housing market looking to help you make your best move!